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Cloud United - Cloud Test Practitioner  (CU - CTP) 

CU Cloud Test Practitioner has been designed for anyone looking to broaden their depth of understanding of tasks as a tester and a test manager within the context of cloud testing.

Cloud testing brings its own set of risks and challenges, for instance: Data location, Application Sharing, Multi-tenancy, Data ownership, interoperability and portability, Security, Compliance, Disaster recovery, Expertise availability, Running cost blindness, Bandwidth requirement etc. This training will help you to better understand these risks from a cloud testing perspective and answer the question - how does one test for many of these cloud-specific characteristics?

The certification itself is independent of any specific cloud provider; however, throughout the course, hands-on exercises will be performed on several providers. A Cloud United - Cloud Test Practitioner will be able to perform various types of cloud-specific tests and understand the differences between testing the cloud and testing apps in the cloud.

Day One

To kick-start the course, we will briefly explore the concept of cloud computing. Together, we will experience the essential characteristics, various deployment models, SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. We will take a look at virtualization, hypervisors and containers, and explore how these concepts have enabled the cloud to become what it is today. We will discover the popular cloud infrastructure providers and how to utilize them in order to get the required (virtual) hardware and software that we require. We will explore various cloud instances, such as the cloning of images, sharing of these images, security setup as well as the connection of these instances from the desktop.

The second-half of day one is dedicated to container technology. We will start with an exercise to help us better understand the architecture and other aspects of docker. We will also perform a hands-on exercise to build docker images and experience the use of containers.

We will also tackle Load Balancing, and gain a better understanding of the different types of cloud-based cloud balancing architectures. We will continue with another hands-on exercise to implement such a solution. 

Day Two

During the first part of day two, we explore Cloud testing while highlighting the differences between cloud testing and conventional testing. 

We look at the various categories:

  • Testing of applications on the cloud.

  • Testing the cloud.

  • Testing across clouds.

  • Testing using the cloud.

We will continue with topics to help you better understand the advantages and challenges in Cloud Testing. Our goal is to provide you with a strong understanding of the cloud testing process. We will explore the requirement for non-functional tests related to clustering, performance, elasticity and scaling. We also look at some non-functional test tools that use cloud as their infrastructure.

During the second-half of day two, we will discuss the failover/disaster recovery concepts and discuss various failing back approaches as well as remote site strategies. Our aim here is to better understand how to perform disaster recovery testing.

We conclude the course focussing on providing you with a better understanding of risks related to migration testing: bare-metal servers to cloud or from one cloud provider to another. Finally, we will also look at best-case scenarios in regards to how these test should be performed.​


Cloud United - Cloud Test Practitioner (CU - CTP)  has been designed for anyone looking to improve their knowledge in this area of expertise, and it will preparae you for any of the CU Test Specialist Advanced Levels.

Although there aren't any mandatory prerequisites, you will get a lot more from the course if you have already hold the ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) certificate - as this course will not cover the fundamentals and terminology of testing. This practical certification course will take your understanding of testing a step further and provide you with a variety of approaches and techniques for testing in the cloud.​

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